Stockport Community Cycling Club

We are active members of Stockport Community Cycling Club (SCCC). Indeed, it was where we first met. And the rest, as they say, is history.

SCCC describes itself as ‘a friendly leisure cycling club based in Stockport’. The club offers a variety of rides to suit all abilities, and includes members of all ages. Its main aim is to bring together like minded people who simply enjoy cycling, fresh air and the wonderful scenery our area has to offer. This isn’t a racing club, for the club aims to cycle at the speed of the slowest. So, if you are returning to cycling, seeking new routes, or perhaps just looking a for a pleasant social cycle ride, then you will fit right in.

And … you may have noticed that approximately half of our blog posts are reviews of SCCC rides. Why not begin by reading and reviewing some of the clubs earlier rides? You can do so by scrolling through and clicking on the images below:

The club also arrange an annual club weekend away. You can read the blog posts relating to previous weekends here:

Interested in joining the club on one of the rides? Excellent! Just head over to the Stockport Community Cycling Club web pages to find out more. Or perhaps have a look at the Current Programme and see if their is something that might be suitable for you.

We also have our own groups on a couple of popular activity based social network sites where we can share our activities, follow other club members progress, and encourage each other.

*** Please note – These are closed group You will need to be an SCCC member to join.

Garmin group
This group has been created since many of us use Garmin devices of various sorts. To join the group:

Log in to Garmin Connect
Go to Groups and search for ‘Stockport’.
For Stockport Community Cycling Club click the ‘Request to join’ option.

Strava group
Quite a few of us are already participating on this popular activity based social network website. Our page is here:  Stockport Community Cycling Club Strava group

We look forward to you joining us on a club ride sometime. And maybe, just maybe, you might be featuring in one of our upcoming blog posts. Just remember to smile when we include you in one of our photographs! 🙂