Cycling from Bournemouth to Yeovil

Sarah’s employers had tasked her with an onsite visit to a customer in Yeovil. We took the opportunity to combine this with a visit to Bournemouth to visit my brother, Chris.

Having travelled down on a Sunday we had met up in the evening, where we also stayed that night. The following morning Sarah drove up to Yeovil while I took the opportunity to get on my bike and cycle there. It was a wet and windy morning, and it would have been easy to query whether I was going a bit mad! The answer of course is I am a cyclist, so yes 🙂

2016-06-20 08.53.02

Leaving the hotel I dropped down to the coast and picked up NCN Route 2.

2016-06-20 09.00.40

And cycled straight in to a headwind as I headed to Poole …

2016-06-20 09.01.00

2016-06-20 09.05.39

2016-06-20 09.24.39

I took the ferry from Sandbanks across to Studland.

2016-06-20 09.34.04

2016-06-20 09.45.57

On the other side I picked up Ferry Road.

2016-06-20 09.55.22

Before soon turning off and into the heart of Studland Nature Reserve.

2016-06-20 09.57.36

2016-06-20 10.02.04

It was a lovely place to be be cycling the rain and wet surface made for tough going.

2016-06-20 10.07.31  2016-06-20 10.14.59

2016-06-20 10.21.57

2016-06-20 10.32.54

Indeed at one point the cycle path had become impassable (at the bottom of the path below) and the route sign was a pole in the middle of a lake. Sadly the detailed photo I took didn’t come out.

2016-06-20 10.36.07

It therefore meant a three mile detour.

2016-06-20 11.00.57

That was the only detour required but the rain certainly made other sections of the route ‘adventurous’.

2016-06-20 11.06.23

2016-06-20 11.09.07

Leaving Studland Nature reserve I next skirted Hartland Moor National Nature Reserve, and then through Wool and Moreton before eventually reaching Dorchester.

2016-06-20 12.48.27

This was my lunch stop, and after a tough morning of cycling I was ready for it! I found an excellent little cafe just off the high street called Walnut Grove Coffee Shop.

2016-06-20 12.56.04  2016-06-20 13.56.38

Refuelled, my journey continued initially alongside the A37.

2016-06-20 14.11.53

Soon however the route turned off and it was back along the quiet lanes and villages of Dorset. As you can see, the rain had finally abated but the south-westerly winds continued to prove challenging.

2016-06-20 14.22.30

I was now following NCN Route 26, part of which also forms the Frome Valley Cycle Trail.

2016-06-20 14.29.36

2016-06-20 14.29.48

2016-06-20 14.42.09

This cycle route also had interesting off-road sections.

2016-06-20 14.46.57

2016-06-20 14.48.20

2016-06-20 14.58.29

2016-06-20 15.14.41

Next I made my way through Cattistock and Rampisham as the clouds once more darkened.

2016-06-20 15.22.14

2016-06-20 15.32.59  2016-06-20 15.34.19

2016-06-20 15.41.36

2016-06-20 15.43.36

2016-06-20 15.48.23

I had been steadily climbing all day. This created the opportunity for a sharp downhill into Halstock.

2016-06-20 15.55.51

2016-06-20 15.59.00

I crossed over Sutton Bingham Reservoir.

2016-06-20 16.14.36

After one final hill, Eventually I arrived on the outskirts of Yeovil.

2016-06-20 16.35.20

2016-06-20 16.41.39

After 59 miles of cycling I was ready for one of these …

2016-06-20 16.46.30

You can view my route to Yeovil below:

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