End-to-End (JOGLE)

The End-to-End is the iconic long distance British cycling tour. Four of us undertook this momentous journey of over 950 miles in June 2015 when we cycled from John o’Groats to Land’s End (i.e. JOGLE). We completed the journey in 16 days – one of which was a rest day.

The full team was: Andy, Andy S, Neil and Tracey. Neil’s wife Nic and Sarah (who sadly broke her foot just 3 weeks before the tour) accompanied us as our support team.

Beginning from John o’Groats we cycled along the top of Scotland and the Highlands before dropping down through Inverness, the Cairngorms and in to Edinburgh. We then cycled through the Scottish borders towards Carlisle, the Lake District (including a rest day in Grasmere), and the North West of England. Next we cycled through Shropshire and hugged the Welsh borders. Indeed we briefly cycled into Wales where we crossed the Severn Bridge. Finally there were the challenges of the rolling Devon and Cornwall lanes to overcome before we reached Land’s End.


2015-06-28 16.19.14-1
The full JOGLE 2015 team at Land’s End

Sarah and I had completed an End-to-End before when we had cycled in the other direction, from Land’s End to John o’Groats in 2012. However for various reasons we decided to cycle it again! With our regular tour team on-board this trip in many ways proved even more memorable!

You can follow all our adventures by clicking on the links below:

JOGLE Itinerary

One Week to go to our JOGLE!

Day 0 – Journey to John o’Groats

Day 1 – John o’Groats to Tongue

Day 2 – Tongue to Tain

Day 3 – Tain to Aviemore

Day 4 – Aviemore to Pitlochry

Day 5 – Pitlochry to Edinburgh

Day 6 – Edinburgh to Langholm

Day 7 – Langholm to Grasmere

Day 8 – Rest day in Grasmere

Day 9 – Grasmere to Preston

Day 10 – Preston to Whitchurch

Day 11 – Whitchurch to Ludlow

Day 12 – Ludlow to Portishead

Day 13 – Portishead to Taunton

Day 14 – Taunton to Okehampton

Day 15 – Okehampton to Perranporth

Day 16 – Perranporth to Land’s End

JOGLE Reflections

JOGLE Reflections – The View from the Van

Below is the full End-to-End (JOGLE) route we undertook: