Around Poynton Again – The 2017 Ride

Today the Stockport Community Cycling Club ride took us around Poynton again. This is a route we have cycled a couple of times previously (read the 2015 report here). The day also brought the first biting winter weather for the club rides. The weather forecast wasn’t inspiring, and if Sarah wasn’t due to lead the ride we might have thought about giving it a miss. That said, in the end, we were glad we made the effort.

With the temperature barely above freezing, we arrived at Woodsmoor station for the start. Amazingly, considering the forecast and the temperature, there was another good turnout.

We began by making our way across Mirrlees Fields. As soon as we got going the temperature dropped and the rain began.

We weaved our way through the streets of Hazel Grove.

We cycled through Torkington Park.

And then climbed up Old Torkington Road.

Here, we joined the Middlewood Way.

We followed the Middlewood Way for a few miles until we reached Nelson’s Pit in Higher Poynton.

Next, we turned off and cycled down The Coppice.

We weaved our way through Poynton.

Before dropping onto Park Lane for a coffee break. Sarah indicated that there were a number of coffee shops to choose from, and we would make back in the middle of the village in an hour. As it turned out, most of the club members followed us to Cafe 31. The owner was clearly a bit overwhelmed. Nonetheless, they seemed to cope fine. Admirably, they also had gluten-free bread available, so Sarah was able to enjoy one of their sandwiches.

While we were in the cafe, the weather turned to hail, Thankfully, the hail had receded by the time we left. It was still cold though!

After crossing over London Road, we made our way towards Lower Park Road.

If Sarah and I had ever had any doubt about the value of our choice to use our mountain bikes today, these next sections confirmed it to have been a wise one.

We briefly joined Chester Road, where we crossed over the new bypass that is being built.

Next, we headed towards Bramhall.

Finally, we returned to Woodsmoor.

We had cycled 15 challenging miles by the time we arrived back at the start. We were muddy, wet and cold. Nonetheless, I think we had all enjoyed the cycle ride. After all, we had been cycling, what’s not to like?!

You can view our Around Poynton again cycle ride route below: