About Us

We are Sarah and Andy, currently based in Stockport, United Kingdom. We are two ordinary people who enjoy cycling for pleasure. We also enjoy a bit of running and walking, and we are passionate about the outdoors.

This website is a window into our adventures and the things that are of interest to us. We usually photograph and write about our experiences of the cycle rides and cycle tours adventures we have enjoyed, and indeed all things cycling. Occasionally, the subject of our photos and writing will be our running and walking adventures, or our days out or weekends sightseeing. Whatever we photograph and write about we hope you enjoy our blog posts … and perhaps, after doing so, you will be pleased that you now know just a little bit more about us.

Andy and Sarah getting about - on the E2E in May 2012
Andy and Sarah on the E2E in May 2012

We also have a calendar where you can keep up to date with our current and forthcoming rides and activities.

And if you are interested, we can occasionally be found posting our more talky and reflective thoughts on our own personal blogs. Sarah’s blog can be found at quirkythriftyhealthymoi, while Andy’s blog is at As AndyCooll Sees It.

Finally! We are always happy to receive comments and emails. If you would like to get in touch with us please use the contact form below.

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