SCCC Annual Club Lunch 2018

The Annual Club Lunch 2018 provided an opportunity to reflect on Stockport Community Cycling Club‘s previous years’ activity and reward members for their efforts (click to view lunch’s from previous years – 20172016, 2015, 2014, 2013).

It was held as usual at Hyde Bank Farm in Romiley. The venue has changed its focus over the last couple of years and now focuses almost entirely on weddings.  Thankfully, we have been loyal visitors over the years and they still allow us in. Long may it continue, for they do a great job.



This year our event was held in the new function room. It is impressive.

Club members enjoying the lunch

The lunch is first and foremost a great social event and a chance to chat and catch up with club members. It begins with the ‘fiendish’ quiz.

This was followed by lunch – cheese pie or hot pot (and for Sarah a gluten-free version of the hot pot). Followed by apple pie or sticky toffee pudding.

After lunch, we moved on to the awards.

We began with the Club Mileage Medals. First, for members who have cycled 250 miles (bronze), 500 miles (silver) and 1000 miles (gold) with the club.

We didn’t have anyone collecting the 2500 club miles completed award, so the next award was for the 5000 miles completed medal.

John and Andy passed this mileage total with the club in the previous year.

We then moved on to the trophies. We began with the Most Unfortunate Rider of the Year, and this year it was presented to Christine for falling and injuring her wrist on one of the rides, having only just recovered from breaking both elbows while on holiday.

Gill was awarded the CERA Cycloan Unsung Hero of the Year Award. This is presented to members (who may not be obvious candidates for the Clubperson of the Year Award) for unselfish deeds on club rides. Gill, over the years, has provided unstinting support to the club, including coming up with some really interesting rides. Sadly, she was unable to collect the award at the lunch due to illness 🙁

The Newcomer of the Year award was presented to Debbie.

The Most Improved Rider of the Year trophy was awarded to Leslie.

Finally, the main trophy, Clubperson of the Year was presented to John. Well done!

Afterwards, we presented Jim with a little present. This year we gave him a voucher for Artist on a Bike, a Chester based cyclist and freelance visual artist who organises creative workshops and makes bike art and cycling gifts.

There were also flowers for Barbara.

Following the awards, Andy Sykes had put together another of his ‘SCCC Year in Review’ videos. Just like last year, it took us awhile to get it working …


Once we got the sound working on the PC the video proved another enjoyable reminisce.

The Club Lunch 2018 had again been another great annual awards ceremony. Well done to everyone who was presented with a medal or award, they were thoroughly deserved.

Who knows, maybe next year it could be you who is going up to collect a medal or award!


SCCC Jodrell Bank 2018 Ride

Sunday was the SCCC Jodrell Bank 2018 Ride. We met in the car park near to Wilmslow Leisure Centre. Andy and I had cycled to the start and by the time we arrived, I felt exhausted! More and more people kept arriving and in the end there were over 30 of us – too many to go in a single group, so we had to split into two groups. Andy Shaw the ride leader took one group with Andy Sykes as the back leader and Tracey and Graham to mark the corners. In the second group, Andy was the leader, I was the back leader and Neil was the corner marker.

We eventually left the car park and headed towards Dean Row

We hadn’t cycled too far when Andy caught up with Andy Sykes (the back leader of the first group) – they had been held up by a problem – so we waited a while to give them time to get well ahead of us.

Having been past Dean Row we headed for Mottram St Andrew.

Just through Mottram St Andrews, Andy and the front of our group caught up with the back of the first group again. After a quick chat with Andy Sykes, it appeared that one person in the first group was struggling and it was suggested that maybe they transfer into our group.

Andy P – leader of the second group with Neil in the background

After another brief stop to allow the first group to get ahead, we set off again but only to meet them again near Chelford Road.

First group approaching Chelford Road

We gained a new addition to our group and then waited briefly again to allow for a gap between the groups. Then we passed Hare Hill Gardens making our way to Alderley Edge.

Not long after we set off again, we passed the first group who had stopped and were talking to a policeman.

We turned off and went down Artist’s Lane

At the bottom of Artists Lane, the first group went past us again and we gave them a little time to get ahead again.

We soon set off again and this time, we didn’t meet the first group until the lunch stop!

We along Nursery Lane and cycled over the A34.

At Chelford roundabout, we went down Peover Lane as we made our way towards Jodrell Bank

First views of Jodrell Bank

Having come down Batemill Lane we turned right and cycled into Jodrell Bank, where we were due to have lunch at The Planet Pavilion Cafe.

We arrived at Jodrell Bank ready for our lunch.

As we arrived, one lady was feeling a little unwell. Thankfully she felt better after our lunch.  The first group were already in the cafe and we got to chat to some of them. There was a long queue at the cafe to be served but the food was good when we got to eat.

After lunch we set off on the second part of our ride, heading back to Wilmslow.

Look at my fancy gloves – the very latest in cycling wear!

We turned left out of Jodrell Bank, heading towards Goostrey. Just before we got there, we turn right through Blackden Heath towards Marthall.

Turning right to Blackden Heath

We passed through Peover Superior.

Passing Peover Superior Endowed Primary School, we continued to Marthall.

We passed the Frozen Mop pub in Mobberley

Having cycled down Mobberley Road, we approached the edges of Wilmslow and turned right onto Altrincham Road, which is a busy road. However, we very soon turned left and made our way into Wilmslow along the back roads, making a slight detour as Andy missed the turning.

Although it had been a quite cold day, it was dry for our ‘tag match’ type ride out to Jodrell Bank and back. I think that everyone enjoyed themselves.

You can view our Jodrell Bank route below:

Bruntwood Hall

Stockport Community Cycling Club‘s first ride of 2018 was to Bruntwood Hall. Sarah was due to lead this ride, while I would be the back-leader.

We met in Woodsmoor on a cold Saturday morning, but the colder weather didn’t seem to put off members as they just kept on arriving. It quickly became clear that we would need to split into two groups as we eventually reached thirty-one club members. Therefore, I would lead one group, and Sarah the other.  The photos in this blog post are a mix from both rides.

My group set off first.

While Sarah’s group waited awhile to give us a little bit of a head start.

Sarah’s group waiting to start

The route began by taking us through the streets of Woodsmoor and then along Grange Road, Bramhall.

Next, we cycled on towards Cheadle.

We picked up NCN Route 558 and cycled through Brookfields Park.

And then crossed under the A34.

We headed up St Ann’s Road and weaved our way through the back roads of Heald Green.

After crossing back over the A34 we then followed the back path towards Bruntwood Park.

At Bruntwood Park, we stopped for a coffee break at The Vinery, the cafe which is in the restored Victorian conservatory which forms part of Bruntwood Hall. After a short while, Sarah’s group appeared too.  However, the meeting was brief, for soon it was time for my group to move on.

Andy’s group ready to leave Bruntwood Park

We made our way back through Cheadle Hulme.

And back to Bramhall, where we dropped down through Happy Valley local nature reserve.

Finally, our group returned via Broadway back towards the start.

This ride had proved an enjoyable 14-mile cycle ride around the quieter lanes of Stockport. You can view the Bruntwood Hall route below:

SCCC Tatton Park 2017

Sunday was the annual SCCC Tatton Park ride, the last ride of 2017. I had been due to lead the ride but having been unwell for most of December, Andy volunteered to lead it in my place. I swapped with Neil, who was due to be the back leader and he instead became Andy’s wing man and was chief corner marker. We met up in the car park for Gatley Station. There were 23 of us altogether.

We left Gatley station and made our way through Gatley.

As we were cycling out of Gatley, Ruth M had a problem with her bike – a bolt snapped and her cycle carrier came loose. We had to fix it together with cable ties and then tighten up the remaining bolts that secured it to the bike. The rest of the group waited for us on the edge of Head Green.

We made our way through Heald Green and on towards Handforth.

Passing through Wilmslow, we paused briefly to allow the back of the group to catch up with the rest of the group.

Leaving Wilmslow, we headed out to Great Warford.

We passed through Mobberley. Just before we got there the other Ruth had an issue with a soft back tyre. The two of us stopped briefly to pump it up, only to find that the rest of the group had stopped to wait for us just round the corner!

From Mobberley, we set off towards Knutsford.

As we approached Knutsford, it appeared that Ruths back tyre was going down again. A few of us stopped and repaired the puncture for her. Andy S and Dave did a wonderful job repairing it for her!

The rest of the group pressed on to Tatton Park, where we where stopping for lunch.

The ride through Tatton Park to the cafe is always enjoyable. It was very busy today with lots of people out for a walk.

Tatton Park Mansion

The Tatton Park cafe and courtyard area were all busy. As it was a nice day, a number of us had lunch outside and it was very pleasant until the sun went in.

Feeling refreshed, it was time to set off on our ride back to Gatley.

Leaving Tatton Park, it was back onto the country lanes again, this time heading towards Ashley.

We stopped to regroup outside the Greyhound pub at Ashley.


We then cycled towards the edge of Hale.

We paused briefly on Hollyhedge Road in Wythenshawe, to regroup again.

The last section then took us back to Gatley station, where we had started.

The ride was about 27 mile long and made a good day out. You can see our route below:


A Christmas Weekend in York

Last weekend Sarah and I enjoyed a weekend in York. It had meant to coincide with our first anniversary since getting engaged, but with all the other things going on we had put it back to early December.

We stayed at the Jorvik Hotel which is situated opposite St Olafs and across from the entrance to the Museum Gardens.

St Olafs church
Entrance to Museum Gardens

Having enjoyed an evening meal at Las Iguanas, the following morning we headed over to our favourite cafe – Your Bike Shed. They do a great vegetarian (and gluten-free) breakfast here.

After breakfast, we headed over to the National Railway Museum. We have already put up a review blog post, which you can read here.

Afterwards, we headed back into town and took a walk around the Christmas Market.

Later, we enjoyed an evening meal at Pizza Express.

Before finishing the day off at the local Minster Inn.

We awoke the following morning to a minus degree temperature as we headed over to York Parkrun.

Sarah had not been feeling too good all weekend, so wasn’t well enough to run.

It was left to myself and three hundred and forty others to run around the icy track.

We had then hoped to visit the Minster, but it wasn’t open to the public due to holding an afternoon event. It has given us an excuse (if we needed one) to visit York again soon.

Instead, we went to York’s Chocolate Story. This proved to be a really interesting guided tour. York, of course, amongst other things, is famous for being a home of British chocolate production … and Sarah likes chocolate!

The tour told us the stories behind some of the best-known names in chocolate, told us how chocolate is made and even gave us the opportunity for us to be a chocolatier ourselves.

Later we took another tour, this one somewhat different to the first. We visited York Brewery.

This was an informative and enjoyable tour of the premises  with an explanation of the whole brewing process, from grain to glass! It also included some samples to taste. Great!

In the evening we returned to the place where we got engaged for another great meal – Kapadokya 50.

The following morning, Sarah was still struggling. Therefore, after breakfast, we headed for home. On the way, however, we stopped for a brief visit of The Goddards, a National Trust property that was the home of one the famous chocolatier families, The Terry’s.

In telling their story, the home had been made over with a Christmas time theme.

We briefly stepped into the gardens. In truth, they are probably much better walking around in summer.

Nonetheless, this is a great little place and worthy of a visit if staying in York

Finally, for us, it was time to head back to Stockport. In spite Sarah feeling under the weather we had still both enjoyed a great time in York.