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St George’s Christmas Tree Festival 2016 – Including an SCCC Tree

The cancelled Cotebrook ride

Sarah and I arrived at Winsford Marina where we were due to lead a Stockport Community Cycling Club ride to Cotebrook. Sadly, due to frosty conditions (it was -3 degrees at the time) we decided for safety reasons it wouldn’t be wise to continue. It is always difficult cancelling rides, and the decision for this one in particular could have gone either way. However, mindful that a ride leaders primary responsibility is not the safety of the cyclists we erred on the side of caution. This was borne out on our drive home where the journey was a mix of sunshine and deep fog!



One of our cyclists had ridden to the start and as can be seen he arrived in a rather frosty state.


A frozen Neil

We decided on a quick visit to the Cotebrook Shire Horse Centre cafe anyway for a morning cuppa.



Then we headed for home.

St George’s Christmas Tree Festival

Not cycling meant we arrived back early and this gave us an opportunity to visit the Christmas Tree Festival at St George’s Parish Church with our fellow cycling club friend Andy. After all, one of the Christmas tree has been provided by Stockport Community Cycling Club.

2016-11-26-15-51-06  2016-11-26-15-52-19

Sarah and I have attended the Christmas Tree festival before, but Andy hadn’t. And it would be good for us to revisit the festival, for each year the trees are different.


There are always a wide range of themed trees.

2016-11-26-15-56-42  2016-11-26-15-59-19

2016-11-26-16-00-20  2016-11-26-16-05-54

Of course the main draw for us was the Stockport Community Cycling Club Christmas tree put together by Jim and Barbara.


Stockport Community Cycling Club Christmas tree

It was proving a hit with the younger audience too as parents were asking them to find the bicycles!

2016-11-26-16-06-28  2016-11-26-16-07-05


2016-11-26-16-08-59  2016-11-26-16-09-17

Having spotted most of the bicycles we moved on to trees by local companies and support groups such as St Anne’s Hospice.

2016-11-26-16-10-50  2016-11-26-16-11-06

It wasn’t just Christmas trees.


There were a large number of community groups presenting Christmas trees of all types too.




This one for the younger ones featured Percy the Park Keeper.



We were in a church so there were a range of traditional Christmas themes included as part of the presentation.


These two were certainly different. The snowman was made out of plastic cups, and the Christmas tree was knitted.

2016-11-26-16-24-08-1  2016-11-26-16-25-53

2016-11-26-16-27-41  2016-11-26-16-30-02


2016-11-26-16-31-37  2016-11-26-16-34-20


After looking around the 80 or so Christmas tree we decided to relax for a while with a cup of tea.


And then it was time to head back home. This is always a great little event. And well worth a visit next year if you missed out this time around. Indeed, it is well worth a visit each year whether you have been before or not.





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