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SCCC Annual Club Lunch 2015

Today Sarah and I attended the SCCC Annual Club Lunch 2015 at Hyde Bank Farm, Romiley. As always this is an eagerly awaited event in the Stockport Community Cycling Club calendar. Who will be named Club Person of the Year? Have I reached a medal target?

2015-01-24 15.03.08

2015-01-24 15.03.32

The lunch is always a time to socialise and catchup with other club members. The event began with the usual quiz  – and our table won first prize, some creme eggs! The food soon followed. Sarah was really pleased that this year they served a main course that was both gluten-free AND vegetarian, and really tasty it was too. The rest of us were treated to cheese pie or hotpot.

2015-01-24 12.09.37   2015-01-24 12.10.23

2015-01-24 12.11.34   2015-01-24 12.12.20

After the food came the prize giving.

2015-01-24 13.33.38

These began with Jim handing out a special medal to Alison. The club in its present format has been running for ten years now and Alison has been with us from the beginning.

2015-01-24 13.40.41   2015-01-24 13.34.22

Then we moved on to handing out medals to those reaching 250 (bronze), 500 (silver) and 1000 (gold) miles with the club …

2015-01-24 13.35.30

2015-01-24 13.45.33   2015-01-24 13.44.04   2015-01-24 13.44.47

2015-01-24 13.45.12   2015-01-24 13.42.21   2015-01-24 13.43.14

And a cup for those reaching 2500 miles …

2015-01-24 13.34.31

2015-01-24 13.46.55   2015-01-24 13.46.30

And special medal for reaching 5000 miles …

2015-01-24 13.35.14

2015-01-24 13.47.53   2015-01-24 13.47.32

Finally it was on to the main awards. First up was the Most Unfortunate Rider of the Year award, a trophy this author (Andy) won last year!. This year it was another Andy – Andy S for his swan dive into a local canal whilst leading that ride.

2015-01-24 13.49.12   2015-01-24 13.34.39

Next up was the Newcomer of the Year award and this year it was won by Sandra B.

2015-01-24 13.50.26   2015-01-24 13.34.55

Then we moved on to the Most Improved Rider of the Year award. This was won this year by Lynn R.

2015-01-24 13.51.24   2015-01-24 13.34.48

And finally the main award Club Person of the Year was deservedly won by yet another Andy …Andy S.

2015-01-24 13.52.55   2015-01-24 13.35.00

Club members had kindly contributed towards a gift for Jim and Barbara. After the awards had been handed out Andy handed over this gift – entry ticket vouchers to Chatsworth House and some flowers.

2015-01-24 13.55.26   2015-01-24 13.56.17

Well done to everyone who won medals and trophies, they have been well earned. Let’s hope 2015 provides more opportunities for club members to achieve aspirations.

2015-01-24 15.03.52

Winter Wonderland Walk


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