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Wilmslow Half Marathon 2015

Sunday 22nd March was the 2015 Wilmslow Half Marathon. It is not an event that we have not done before. The start was on Kings Road near the Wilmslow Rugby Club at 10:30. The event was full well before the date of the event, there being 5000 entries.

As the event was being chip timed, there were sign posts along Kings road showing expected finish times, up to the 2 hour mark. We started by this sign as we were hoping for a time between 1:50:00 and 2:00:00. There were lots of balloons up around the start, which seemed a really nice touch.

20150322_102859_King's Rd

Waiting to start


We’re off!

There was quite a long period between the gun to start the event and when we got to cross the start line but it didn’t matter as your results were based on your chip time. We soon found that maybe we should have started a little further forward as we seemed to be running a little faster than those around us – which meant we had to keep dodging around them to get past. However things did get a little more spread out as the race went on.  Thankfully the roads had been closed, although some of the roads we went down were not that wide.

About three miles into the event, we heard a commotion behind us and turned round t find three horses galloping down the road. People were jumping out of the way and yelling at those in front, which seemed to spook the horses even more! It was certainly eventfull!

20150322_114829_Mayfield Rd

The last two miles seemed very tough and even tougher to Andy who was struggling – he seemed to have some kind of low level virus which made it harder for him. It was a pleasant day and quite warm when you were in the sun, which can make things seem a bit harder, especially when your are tired. However, although the last couple of miles were a little slower, we finished in 1:58:43.

Our half marathon PB (personal best) was at the Conwy Half Marathon last year and was 1:58:01 so it was still very close to that. We had thought that the Wilmslow Half Marathon was going to be a flat course but in actual fact it was very rolling. It appears that the total elevation gained over the whole course was actually very similar to Conwy! The event was really well organised and there were lots of marshalls along the route – a big THANK YOU to all those involved.

20150322_125357_King's Rd  20150322_125407_King's Rd

20150322_125339_King's Rd

There were 4072 finishers,  the winner was in 1:04:57 and the last one having a time of 3:15:18, so we in 2620 and 2621 positions, just over half way though the finishers. The full results can be found here.

The course can be seen below:

Total distance: 13.21 mi
Max elevation: 279 ft
Min elevation: 105 ft
Total climbing: 2014 ft
Total descent: -1959 ft

Afterwards we went to the Boddington Arms where we met up with some friends (Janet & Richard) that we see at the various running events that we do. As always, it was great to see them and to catch up!


Not Quite Cotebrook

2015-03-15 12.17.47

For ride leaders, probably the most difficult part of planning a ride is finding somewhere suitable for a lunch stop. The latest Stockport Community Cycling Club ride to Cotebrook certainly lived up to this.

Sarah was down to lead this ride. Since it was Mother’s Day we decided that our usual lunch stop for the

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Trafford 10k 2015


Sunday 8th March was the Trafford 10k 2015. It was a race that was part of the Bramhall Runners race series. However the weekend hadn’t started to well – when I got home from work on Friday , I was incredibly tired and seemed to get more so as the night went on. We had

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Running Schedule 2015


As you may be aware that whilst most of our posts are cycling related Sarah and I also like to do a bit of running too. We don’t publish too many posts since most of our running is fairly mundane – and its not easy to take photos when running!

However we have a few

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Bamburgh and it’s Castle


Following an enjoyable stay at Ordiefork in Midmar it was time to head back home. However Sarah and I decided to prolong our break a little longer by taking an overnight stop at Bamburgh.

Bamburgh is of course best known for its castle and we had cycled past it on our Coast and Castles

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