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Charlecote Park – A Place of Surprising Treasures

Sarah and I spent the weekend in Bournemouth, primarily help my brother move to a new flat. We at least managed a quick visit to the beach!




Our overnight stop while in Bournemouth

However, our weekend was over all too soon and it was soon time to head back up to Stockport. We like to break our journeys with visits to various National Trust properties and on this occasion we chose Charlecote Park near to Stratford-upon-Avon.


This includes a twelfth century house with family portraits, Victorian furnishings, gardens and a woodland park.


Charlecote Park sits on the side of the River Avon.The house has been the home of the Lucy family for approximately 800 years, and indeed it still is.




However, before visiting the house we decided to visit the Orangery Tea Room for lunch. And before that a quick walk around the woodland garden.

2016-10-17-13-33-22  2016-10-17-13-33-53

2016-10-17-13-35-44  2016-10-17-13-37-46

2016-10-17-13-42-00  2016-10-17-13-43-08



After lunch we headed out along the drive and came across the Charlecote deer.



Next we decided to have a look around the house.

2016-10-17-14-37-40  2016-10-17-14-38-23

Though built in Tudor times the house and park have gone through a number of changes. It has seen visits from Elizabeth I. Later members of the Lucy family represented at various stages both sides during the Civil War.


The current layout of the house however is mainly Victorian in layout, the work of Mary Elizabeth and her husband George Hammond Lucy.


The young Mary Elizabeth inherited a rather tired house, a result of years of financial struggles by Lucy family members.


Mary Elizabeth set about restoring Charlecote to its former glory.

2016-10-17-14-57-16  2016-10-17-14-57-27


Having visited the house we went to have a look at some of the outbuildings, beginning with the carriage room. This contained a fabulous display of original nineteenth century carriages used by the Lucy family.



After looking around the Victorian kitchen we made our away to the back of the house and the Parterre.



Eventually we headed back to the Orangery Tea Room.


Nearby is the nineteenth century Summerhouse, a play house for the children at Charlecote.


Finally, after a fabulous few hours, it was time to leave. Of course, even the main gates are opulent in their styling.



This had been an enjoyable break. And the visit to Charlecote Park had provided for a perfect stopoff on the way back to Stockport. It is a place well worth a visit.


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